Hip-Hop / Indie South Coast Artist


Cobba is an Australian Artist who grew up on the South Coast of NSW, with its unique color shaping his unique perspective on life, this is apparent throughout his Music, Poetry & day to day Attitude.

He balances Fire & Water across His creations mixing Wisdom with a youthful spirit & Passion with a Relaxed Value.


Australian Folk/Rock was where His heart fell growing up running around the beach's of Jervis Bay listening to artists like Paul Kelly & connecting Him to the Land, Family, Love and Storytelling.

At 16 He discovered Rap/Hip-Hop, listening to artist such as Seth Sentry (AUS), Michael Franti (USA) & Yelawolf (USA)....This was a game changer for him.


At the age 20 He truly believed He was born without any Creative juice whatsoever…oh how He was wrong!

Everything changed when the Hip-Hop Artist "Pacey" started collaborating with Cobba living on the street of Woolway Cl. Pacey mentored Cobba, inspiring him to create through music & freestyle. Needless to say Cobba fell in love with this newfound outlet.

The two rappers Pacey & Cobba went on to found the Rap Duo "Woolway Cl." They now work side by side supporting each other in many aspects of their Career and lifestyles.


Cobba loves to inspire others & isn't afraid to speak His mind and stand up against what He believe to be unjust. He is known for his chill fun-loving nature which is best felt through His Hip-Hop though does show us a more in-depth side to His heart & power in His Singing, Poetry & Acoustic


Cobba has been working on His long awaited EP 'GREEN & KEEN' which will be released on the start of January 2022 with a Classic Australian sound mixed with Boom Bap Hip Hop & Acoustic Folk/Rock & Poetry.

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